NetSuite software and services are as close as a business owner can get to a necessity to unlock the potential of Salesforce for managing their contacts. NetSuite layers on top of Salesforce and manages a user’s business finance, operations, and customer billing and interaction. So integrating the two services is essential and unavoidable.

The benefits of a NetSuite and Salesforce integration are numerous. Breadwinner for NetSuite achieves this integration. Let’s look at the functions their link makes possible and how these produce business benefits:

Information Management

The integrated systems transfer data back and forth to each other, so the business owner gets live insights. They can generate invoices and orders in Salesforce, then push those out through NetSuite. In turn, they can see NetSuite data in Salesforce to manage invoices and review their plans for customers.


Breadwinner for NetSuite can be live in one day while other integration tools can take months. A business owner can easily switch tools or add integration of NetSuite and Salesforce for the first time if they know it won’t take long.


Business owners will want to protect their customer data, and certainly not allow an integration that creates vulnerabilities. A secure integration lets management designate who can edit data and who can view data. Sales staff and customer reps can be better informed when more data can be handled securely.


Every business will be different in some way and will have differences in how they want to enter, view, and organize customer data. A NetSuite and Salesforce integration that is flexible with how these data functions can be done benefits the business owner without resource-intensive coding work.

Keeping Current

A business owner integrating NetSuite and Salesforce needs to create new records easily and propagate these in both systems. They not only want their data to be kept up-to-date, but they also want these integrated systems to stay current. An integration that continually updates its capabilities helps deliver this benefit.

Integration Endgame

With these benefits in hand–command of information, efficiency, security, flexibility, and staying up-to-date–users will be poised to scale up their businesses, decrease the time it takes to get payments from customers, and get all their team members on the same page, working with the same information.

To learn more about how integrating Salesforce and NetSuite will increase the efficiency of your business processes, schedule a demo of Breadwinner for NetSuite. You can also install a free trial of the solution in the Salesforce AppExchange.